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Get Help With Your Taxes in Northeast Saskatchewan

Dealing with your taxes and properly filing your returns is essential for success. Armstrong Accounting can help you efficiently and intelligently manage your taxes by discussing eligibility for various tax credits and exemptions, such as disability tax credits, as well as by giving advice on strategies to reduce how much taxes you need to pay while obeying the law. Whether you’re an individual or a business entity, we can help you in dealing with your personal and corporate taxes. Hire us to get help with your taxes today.


Corporate & Personal Tax Services

Our taxation services include, but are not limited to:

Completion and filing of T1 (personal), T2 (corporate), and T3 (trust) income tax returns as needed for all provinces in Canada (excluding Quebec).

Completion and filing of special elections for various personal/corporate issues, including shareholder rollovers to corporations, sales of the principal residence, capital dividend elections, capital gains deductions and a myriad of other available elections.

Use of differing basis of accounting available for tax reporting, including cash basis accounting for agriculture and percentage of completion method for the construction industry.

Review with clients for use of various entities available for tax deferrals such as corporations, personal, and family trusts or partnerships with cost/benefit discussions.

Apply our extensive professional resources and continuous professional development in the tax field to better serve clients including recent Canada Revenue announcements and administrative positions.

End of life tax reporting requirements including optional returns available in the year of death.


Our Specialities

Working across a variety of industries, we have the know-how to deliver top-notch services that fit your needs.

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